Art for Everyone!


  • Children (age 15 and under) may not use pottery wheels and must be under direct parental supervision at all times while at WaterWorks Art Center.
  • Open Studio Patrons and Class/Workshop Participants must be at least 16 years of age (unless the class/workshop is specifically designed for younger children as described in the Schedule of Classes).
  • Report any accidents and/or injuries to WaterWorks staff immediately.
  • Notify Staff or the Instructor if any materials or equipment need 


  • Potters wheels, kilns, worktables, shelves, cubbies, and a damp box
  • Slips, glazes, and sieves
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) listing all chemicals used at WaterWorks Art Center
  • Miscellaneous hand tools and sponges for cleaning studio
  • Slab rollers and canvas cloths
  • Canvas boards and wedging tables
  • Throwing bats and banding wheels
  • Plastic bags for drying
  • Resource books are available for check out through WaterWorks Art Center Staff.


​Do not dispose of any used clay, slip or slurry in sinks.  Rinse tools in the buckets provided in the sinks.

Each person is responsible for cleaning his her space:

  • ​Wash the wheel, splash pan, and shelf.
  • Clean all clay trimmings from work area.
  • Clean wedging area and work tables.
  • Clean wax brushes and remove newspapers from waxing area.
  • Clean up all tools, sinks, and counter space used while glazing to prevent contamination.
  • Always wet mop any spills of glaze or slip.


  • All greenware is to be properly trimmed and marked before bisque fire.
  • Please wax all bisque ware before glaze fire.  When using a "runny" glaze, mark all work to be stilted.
  • Place pots to be fired in properly designated areas.
  • Patrons will repair any kiln shelves damaged by their work.   If the shelf remains unusable, a replacement fee will be assessed.  The fee ranges from $50-$75 and is dependent upon the size of the shelf. 
  • Rinse and dry bisque ware before glazing to eliminate glaze contamination.
  • Return glazes and otehr materials to their proper place after use.
  • Pots appearing to have serious flaws will not be fired.
  • Kilns are fired only when there are full loads.
  • A maximum of 15 pieces per person may be made and fired per month; more than three (3) firing per piece must be approved by WaterWorks Art Center staff.


In an effort to meet OSHA regulationsand due to the caustic properties of powdered glaze chemicals, WaterWorks staff will be making all glazes.  Please give all new glaze recipes to staff for consideration.


Check damp box weekly for pieces to trim, take care to to harm other's work.  Unfinished, dry pieces will not be fired and will periodically be removed and reclaimed.

  • Cover your work.
  • Identify pieces with your name on the outside plastic covering.
  • Trim pieces before they dry out.
  • Unmarked work will not be fired.
  • Clean bats and reshelf them.


  • A daily drop-in fee will be assessed as  for each visit to work in the Clay Area.  This covers glazing and firing of fifteen (15) pieces of average size as determined by Staff.
  • Average size is stated as 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot.
  • All students should scan their parks ID card at the office anytime they come in.
  • Open Studio participants must have taken pottery classes before taking Open Studio.
  • Open Studio participants are responsible for bringing their own 5-gallon container for clay.
  • Open Studio is not available during class times.  Check with staff for any monthly changes in schedules.
  • Open studio participants cannot expect work to be fired when Open Studio fees are not paid.
  • Open Studio participants must clean their entire work area.  This includes wheels, counters, sinks, and tools.  When glazing, clean the floor in glazing area after use.
  • Open Studio participants need to bring their own tools.


  • When not in class and using the studio, please sign in and pay daily drop-in fee for Open Studio privileges with WaterWorks Art Center Staff.
  • WaterWorks Art Center will ONLY fire for people currently participating in a Ceramics class or participating in Open Studio (as defined by payment of daily drop-in fees).
  • WaterWorks is not responsible for any objects left for 30 days.
  • Clay can be purchased at the office for $20 for brown clay or $25 for white clay.  This clay is available ONLY to Class, Workshop, and Open Studio Patrons.
  • A basic set of Clay Tools can be purchased for $10 at the office.