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WaterWorks Metals Studio Policies and Procedures

  • Open Studio Patrons and Class/Workshop Participants must be at least 16 years of age (unless the class is specifically designed for younger children as described in the Class Catalog).
  • Open Studio Patrons and Class/Workshop Participants must never use any tools or equipment unless they properly know how to do so.
  • Report any accidents and/or injuries to WaterWorks staff immediately.
  • Notify Staff or Instructor if any materials or equipment need to be repaired, replaced, or provided.
  • Safety rules should be followed at all times (long hair tied back, masks, respirators, gloves, work aprons as needed, no sandals or open toed shoes).  
  • Casting procedures are only to be executed by Instructors or Staff.
  • All patrons must be appropriately dressed at all times.
  • No food allowed except drinks with lids.

  • Work benches
  • Various hand tools for Class/Workshop Students only (see list of full tool kit at benches).
  • Acetylene and Air Torches
  • Soldering Station and Flux
  • Flex Shaft and various drills, bits, burs and polishing wheels
  • Bench Shear
  • Rolling Mill
  • Vice
  • Buffing Wheel
  • Rotary Tumbler
  • Casting Equipment
  • Pitch and Pitch Bowl
  • Disc Cutter
  • Dapping Block and Punches
  • Instructor may provide additional materials for courses, as listed in our catalog.

  • Each person is responsible for cleaning his or her workspace and maintaining a generally clean workshop that can be shared by others.
  • Put all tools away to their proper storage area when you are finished.
  • If signing out tool kits, students are responsible for full check out and check in.  If tools go missing while signed out, the student is responsible for the cost of replacement.
  • Turn off equipment if you are the last one leaving the studio.  Such equipment includes lamps, torches, and pickle (crock pot).
  • Wipe down work benches, table tops and sink areas as needed.
  • Sweep if needed.​

  • All Patrons should scan their parks ID card at the front office any time they come in.
  • A daily drop-in fee will be charged to work in the Metals Studio.
  • This fee covers usage of torches, tool maintenance, and cost for general operations of the studio.
  • Open Studio Participants must have taken metals classes before taking Open Studio and be approved through a Skills and Safety test before having access to work with equipment.
  • Open Studio is available only during scheduled hours.  We do our best to provide an up-to-date schedule although changes may at times occur.  Open Studio Hours will be posted outside the Metals Studio.  
  • Open Studio participants need to bring their own materials and supplies.  Tool kits are available for use and must be signed out and in if being used.​
  • WaterWorks is not responsible for personal items, materials, tools or projects left in the studio.

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