Art for Everyone!

​​Our studios are here for you!  Besides offering classes, workshops and events, we are pleased to offer a welcoming work space for artists to explore their art practice at their own pace.  Whether coming in for a class or joining us for an Open Studio session, there's something for everyone.  


  • Open Studio Patrons and Class/Workshop Participants must be at least 16 years of age (unless the class is specifically designed for younger children as described in the Class Catalog).
  • Open Studio Patrons and Class/Workshop Participants must never use any tools or equipment unless they properly know how to do so.
  • Report any accidents and/or injuries to WaterWorks staff immediately.
  • Notify Staff or Instructor if any materials or equipment need to be repaired, replaced, or provided.
  • Safety rules should be followed at all times.  Safety precautions are listed in each studio.
  • All patrons must be appropriately dressed at all times.

WaterWorks is available to patrons outside of class time too.  Generally speaking, if you have taken a course with us previously, you are allowed to come in and work in that studio again for a drop in day fee.  This fee covers use of tools and equipment along with the cost for general operations of the studio.  

  • All Patrons should scan their parks ID card at the front office any time they come in.
  • Open Studio is available only during scheduled hours.  We do our best to provide an up-to-date schedule although changes may at times occur.  See Open Studios Calendar for scheduling. 
  • ​Some studios require additional safety tests on equipment or a brief interview with a Staff Coordinator before use.  See specific studio for details.
  • WaterWorks is not responsible for personal items, materials, tools or projects left in the studio.


Each studio comes with a variety of tools and equipment specific for each medium's needs.  Generally speaking, most studio patrons will need to supply their own materials (clay, yarn, paints, etc) and sometimes basic personal tools as well.  


  • Each person is responsible for cleaning his or her work space and maintaining a generally clean workshop that can be shared by others.
  • Put all tools away to their proper storage area when you are finished.
  • Turn off studio equipment if you are the last one leaving the studio.  
  • Wipe down work benches, table tops and sink areas as needed.
  • Sweep if needed.​